Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Marching Bears, Inc. (MBI) is a non-profit organization, acting independently of the Norwalk Board of Education, dedicated to supporting the activities of the Norwalk High School Band Program. Its main purpose is to provide financial support through non-profit fundraising.

14 August 2016

This Week

Key things to know for the coming week

Band Camp!!!

Begins Monday, August 15th!  Mandatory for all band members. 
See the Band Camp Frequently Asked Questions document and the Band Camp Meals article on the Info and Forms tab of our website.

Freshman & New Band Member Parent Meeting - Tuesday, August 16th.  Mandatory for parents of freshmen and first-time band members.

Funathon - Thursday, August 16th.  Mandatory for all band members.


Please see the MBI Calendar for schedule details.
14 August 2016

Next Week

Key things to know for next week

Mandatory Parent Meeting - Tuesday, August 23th.  Mandatory for all parents!

Dinners - Provided by parent volunteers every evening, please be generous with your donations

Spirit Night - Friday, August 26th at 6 p.m. @ Andrews Field

Please see the MBI Calendar for schedule details.

1 August 2015

Gift Certificates Available

Further information is posted in the Fundraising section of our website.
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